Why you shouldn’t practice quarantined detox – nutritionists explain

No detox! – the experts shouted to us in response, only having heard the term itself. And we just wanted to find out a way to somehow curb the appetite, which was played out in earnest in quarantine. Family gatherings for breakfast, lunch and dinner, endless snacks and cooking desserts as a new way of meditation have all become a new reality in isolation. In the second month of such nutrition, you only want one thing – to finally stop pampering yourself with an abundance of food or … arrange a detox. How to do it correctly at home without harm to the body, asked the experts. You already know their answer. And below – the answer why even a day on juices and even more starvation is only harm, not benefit to the body.

Why detox is bad for the body

There are a lot of healthy lifestyle bloggers on the benefits of detox and juice unloading formulas from healthy lifestyle bloggers, but doctors and nutrition experts warn: there is no scientific evidence for the benefits of such a diet. But there are many contraindications.

avatar Natalia Goncharova (@ nataliy.wellness)

Natalia Goncharova (@ nataliy.wellness)

nutritionist, president of the European Nutrition Center, creator of the ENC wellness service

– To begin with, I propose to understand the very concept of “detox”. If it means cleansing from toxins, then a person has a liver for this process. Moreover, professional nutritionists and nutritionists consider detox diets based solely on juices and herbs to be a “mockery” of the body. The fact is that there is not a single scientific study that would confirm that such a diet actually removes toxins. Hence, one conclusion suggests itself: a person who does not have knowledge of biochemistry can recommend such a method of losing weight and cleansing.

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Another expert, nutritionist and nutritionist Anna Makarova, agrees with her. And she explains why detox and fasting should only be done under medical supervision.

avatar Anna Makarova

Anna Makarova

nutritionist and nutritionist

– Detox and fasting should be done exclusively in the clinic! Firstly, during this period, doctors will monitor your health, and, secondly, after passing the tests, you will be prescribed droppers with microelements and vitamins necessary and important for the body. On an independent hunger strike, you will worsen your health and provoke chronic diseases, if any. Also, your immunity may significantly decrease, which is especially unacceptable in the current situation.

The most interesting thing is that detoxification and fasting will not help you lose weight.

– Without food, first of all, not fat is lost, as many think, but muscle mass, – says Anna Makarova… – At the same time, the metabolism automatically slows down, and you begin to expend fewer calories. This means that with muscle mass you will lose skin elasticity, stretch marks and cellulite may appear. Worse – when you return to your usual diet: there will be a risk of weight gain, and this is due to adipose tissue, and not muscle. Then it will definitely be difficult to lose those extra pounds.

Replacing detox is proper nutrition. Where to begin?

Natalia Goncharova advises, first of all, to reduce the consumption of simple carbohydrates, sugar, yeast, trans fats. It is also necessary to observe the water balance, which is determined individually based on your weight and nutrition. But proteins (especially eggs), vegetables and fruits should be in the diet every day.

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In order not to gain weight, you need to follow only two rules – eat a balanced diet without overeating and exercise (even 15 minutes twice a day will be effective!).

– And all the “wow-methods” in the form of strict diets, detox and fasting will lead to the opposite effect, – warns Natalia Goncharova

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